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Miss Perfect? (Shugo Chara FanFic) Fanfiction. ... "But if you don't get in people will see you" I told her without my poker face since I started to trust her. "No they won't people without guardian characters can't see me" she said as she floated to class, I followed her. Shugo Chara! Forums | FanFiction This is the place for high schoolers who have Shugo Charas. Meet Amu and the gang...and don't forget your favorite neko, Tsukiyomi Ikuto. ... Shugo Chara RPG 11 Twenty years after the downfall of Easter, the people have lived a good life. ... and it's hitting harder than ever. The students of Seiyo Academy face new challenges for the battle ...

Фанфик:" Память" (по аниме Shugo Chara) :: Фанфики… Пять чара-хранителей, одна девушка и один парень. Именно столько людей находилось в палате, когда Утао с грохотом раскрыла двери.Сделав несколько кругов, она отпустила вторую чару и та по инерции кубарем полетела вниз, приземлившись на хранителей Аму. Фанфик "Пятый чара-хранитель. Вредоносное явление" |… Вы здесь » Shugo Chara » Фан-Фики » Фанфик "Пятый чара-хранитель. Вредоносное явление".- Свою любовь ко мне,выразила Чара-Хранителем? - Косплейщик-изваращенеец!-закричала Аму,и громко хлопнув дверью,пошла в Ванную комнату,чистить зубы. shugo chara-Poker face (Nightcore)

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Dec 23, 2013 ... Ami immediately had a lovestruck expression on her face. ...... want to miss a dressing down from Miss Cool 'n Spicy and Mister Poker Face.". Maid for You Chapter 1: Full House of Bets, a shugo chara! fanfic ... Nov 4, 2008 ... Author's Note: This is my first Shugo Chara fan fiction, (as well as my first fan .... " You cant expect me to play poker and not gain anything from it. ... "Well, if you're going to beg me," Ikuto grinned, turning his chair to face the ... Velvet Storm Chapter 1: Fateful Flight: Part I, a shugo chara! fanfic ... Aug 7, 2013 ... Disclaimer: I own this story and not Shugo Chara! ... With her poker face fully composed, she carelessly tossed her case above next to the ...

Фанфик по чара-хранителям. Суббота, 24 Апреля 2010 г. 20:03 + в цитатник. Название: То, чего ты хочешь… Фэндом: Shugo Chara! Чара-хранители! Автор: Revan-ka (==) Жанр: романтика, этти, юмор.

How to cosplay Anything: A Beginner’s Guide to Cosplaying ... Anime couples Image: Amuto (Amu X Ikuto) [Shugo Chara! Episode 74 - "An Exciting White Day! Awww ikuto hugging amu (*^ ^*) Cute scene I found while watching shugo chara lol Ikuto Tsukiyomi e Amu Hinamori In most episode Amu keeps on finding Ikuto on her bed this was because Ikuto had nowhere to go and decides to stay with Amu. Shugo Chara: Iniciando el romance. Les quería decir que la autora de este Fanfiction es una amiga de otra escritora de un blog llamado "Shugo Chara: Una nueva vida" en serio se los aconseja, y los personajes de esa historia son los mismos que esta así que como la autora de la otra historia planea hacer presentaciones especiales acá no se explicara mucho de los personajes. Merry Christmas - Amuto by taylorem on DeviantArt I love rima's poker face its like derp nyaa~ Reply. ... shugo chara by yunata-kunoichi. Shugo Chara by Lulugirl101. amuto by wolfyangel123. View More. More from ... Assassination Classroom (Manga) - TV Tropes

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Best answer: I will do you one better...I will give you anime and manga! Woot woot! Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode Sailor Moon Fruits Basket Ouran High School Host Club DN Angel Lovely complex Shugo chara Kamichama karin Gakuen alice Vampire knight Hayate no gotoku Kodocha Myself yourself Clannad Card captor sakura Tsubasa chronicles Elfen lied Daa daa daa Marchen awakens romance ... Anime - YouTube Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Sign in. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Remove all; Disconnect

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FanFiction Shugo Chara | FanFiction Zone FanFiction Zone - Elenco serie dalle quali poter scegliere le FanFiction da leggere.Anime e Manga → Shugo Chara. Ordinamento Чара хранители - Фанфики - GiGiManga Фандом: Shugo Chara! Автор: Laviko A. Weid Категории: фемслэш Пейринги: фем! Икуто/Аму Рейтинг: PG-13 Размер: драббл Дисклаймер: « Shugo Chara!» принадлежит творческому объединению «Peach-Pit» и студии «Satelight».

Poker Face Chapter 1, a shugo chara! fanfic | FanFiction Morg: Nope! Enjoy! I own nothing! Oh and the inspiration is from Lady Gaga's song Poker Face, which I don't own either but I always sing along to. P.S. The story is all in normal pov and the breaks simply mean a scene switch or from the girls to the boys or something. ~POKE FACE~ The cards were laid face up on the green table. Poker Face Chapter 10, a shugo chara! fanfic | FanFiction ~Poker Face~ Amu thought for a moment as Ikuto waited patiently for her response. "Why don't we start it out slowly with a truth?" Ikuto shrugged his shoulders. He had to think up some good dares for her anyways. "Okay, how many girls do you think I have slept with?" Amu raised an eyebrow as she thought it over. Poker Face Shugo Chara♥♠♣♦ - YouTube !!SEIZURE WARNING!! HQ Please =) i worked rlly hard on this i hope u enjoy it Song: Poker Face-Lady GaGa Anime: Shugo Chara!: Amuto (AmuXIkuto) Ending Song: Numb-Linkin Park.